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According to the mainstream physicists the observation and record of the motion of neutrinos at ultra relativistic speeds apparently seem to violate relativity postulate and to violate the speed of light as a universal constant. The Einstein mass-energy equation E=mc2, the relativistic mass, relativistic form of Newton�s second law, the fundamental principles and equations of modern physics by generalizing this anomaly will be challenged. Some other observations and results make possible the speeds higher than speed of light which is not rather incredible and it will not be impossible; it only requires a change in today�s attitudes towards relativity and quantum mechanics. Thus this paper, from a new approach, turns out to merge the fundamental principles of quantum physics, relativity and classical mechanics through a new definition of quiescent state of particles like photon, and attempts to present the reasons and the possibilities of the existence of the superluminal speeds. At the beginning of the 20th century, Newton�s second law was corrected considering the limit speed c and the relativistic mass. At that time there has not been a clear understanding of the subatomic particles and basically there was little research in high energy physics, if we ignore the zero rest mass of photon, much better and more real physical phenomena may be investigated.The speed of the created particles is a function of the internal interaction and the mechanism of creation of subatomic particles, and the external forces that are exerted on them.


With several issues being raised in the late twentieth century, modern physics was challenged and while quantum mechanics and relativity did not have the ability to respond and resolve issues also they cannot do it todays. Despite such problems, physicists are trying to find an appropriate and convincing response only on the scope of quantum physics and relativity and in this respect need to pay attention to the classical mechanics. Series of failures exist in some categories of these theories, that prior to their use, they should be clarified and resolved. Regarding on review of Newton's second law in this paper, we have been attempted to enter to the sub-quantum space by crossing the border of quantum mechanics then to survey of counteracting Newton's second law and the universal gravitation law and finally we can be analyzed and investigated the results. In sub-quantum space, we passed across the black hole and reach the formation of the absolute black hole (a new term that has been presented for the first time in astrophysics by the authors) by specifying the limits of Newton's second law and gravitation law, then the singularity will be explained in the explosion of an absolute black hole. In this review we will be forced to change their attitude towards the singularity and the general conclusion in the singularity state is: volume will not be zero, density will be limited, the time is not a physical quantity (absolute or relative) and a human as an observer (who is not neutral) has invented the time just for using it to the explain the ticking clock. We use the time just for the clock ticking and in different physical situations we can only examine the working of the clocks or compare them to each other.